Nightclubs and seaside resorts in Italy, have always been related. Places have tried to change and transform itself on entertainment needs over the decades. In the 90’s, Italy have a crucial political moment and discos become a key site where independent cultures and entertainment industry flow together. In this moment discos in seaside areas also takes on, architecturally, an exotic imaginary. Clubs have big scenic design and they are located near the beaches, in bays and caves. Others have reproductions of ancient greek-roman temples insides, pools, palm trees and arabesque atmospheres. Also their names are so evocative: Cyclope, Mediterraneè, Paradiso, Pasha, Pineta. The House culture in the 90’s in Italy, fits into this scenario and many parties took place in these discos. A big part of this movement has had a remarkable development in coastal areas of southern Italy and on the Romagna coast becoming tourist destinations even more places for followers of the scene. Hedonism and escapism, psychedelia and tribalism are terms that suited the atmosphere of these events. The huge following, the spasmodic wait for parties, and an aesthetic code reminds to a religious ritualism. Audio cassettes, from which Anthems takes inspiration, are the devices where dj-sets are recorded and then exchanged between a party and an another.

Anthems is presented at Club House, an itinerant music club curated, designed and produced by Tankboys, hosted by Pelagica at Gigantic Gallery.

Club House is dedicated to exploring the original and primitive House Music culture using the framework of design as a narrative medium. Club House aims to become an arena of inquiry and debate centred around club culture with the aim of developing new forms and languages. Ultimately, it aims to create a social space where people can meet, cultivate the House Nation and, last but not least, dance.